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SeaZest Plant Enhancer

A unique fish based liquid fertiliser for Enhanced Soil Health and Plant Performance

SeaZest is a liquid suspension foliage feed which provide benefits ranging from disease resistance through to increased yield. A healthy, balanced, productive soil contains billions of micro-organisms per kg of soil which break down organic matter and soil components to liberate Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and minerals in a plant available form. Sea-Zest is a suspension containing fish meal; proteins, enzymes & amino acids, with added carbohydrates, minerals and naturally occurring growth promotants. This blend produces a balanced liquid fertiliser with all the life-giving elements necessary to provide optimum soil health and plant performance. Applied as a foliar spray, the nutrients in Sea-Zest are rapidly available to the plant through the foliage with the suspended solids available to the plant’s root system. 

Sea-Zest contains stickers to ensure that it stays where sprayed and doesn’t leach. It feeds the soil environment, is non-toxic and is not harmful to beneficial insects, birds and livestock.

Benefits of applying SeaZest:-

    • healthier plants with greater disease resistance
    • more vigorous plants with hardy, compact growth
    • helps maintain pastures in a vegetative state
    • more rapid recovery of dry soils after prolonged dry periods
    • improved soil microbial activity

A Typical Analysis of SeaZest

As Sea-Zest is a natural product, it is not possible to guarantee analysis to be absolute. Each batch produced will be such that there will be no significant difference in results obtained.
NNitrogen - 8%
Phosphorus - 3%
KPotassium - 6%
CaCalcium - 0.9%
MgMagnesium - 0.13%
SSulphur - 2%
Copper - 94 ppm
CoCobalt - 16 ppm
ZnZinc - 115 ppm
SeSelenium - 0.28 ppm
FeIron - 610 ppm
MoMolybdenum - 119 ppm
Boron - 160 ppm
MnManganese - 70 ppm
Iodine - 0.14 ppm

Specific Gravity: 1.3

Growth Promotants

Two naturally occurring growth promotants, Triacontanol and Giberellic Acid are included.

Triacontanol is a component of many plant waxes and has a beneficial effect on several aspects of plant growth including photosynthesis; nutrient uptake; increasing cell numbers and by invoking enzyme activity which results in stimulation of ancillary growth substances.

Giberellic acid, one of nature’s helpers, found in a range of flowering plants. Used to facilitate flower and fruit set; promote early and even seed germination; increase cell size and stimulate growth and yields.

Application Rate

Up to 25 L/ha (or apply in multiples of 5-7 L/ha)Dilute 1:200 (5 ml Sea-Zest to 1 litre of water)(rate can vary, commonly used rate is 6 L in 200 L or 30ml/L)

Sprays should be applied at high volume preferably in the late afternoon as dew is coming down. Do not apply in hot, dry conditions.

Keywords: Foliage Feed

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