Ecologic fertiliser products: DoloZest, CalciZest andSeaZest

By: Eco-logic Soil Improvement  06-Dec-2011

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Changing Fertiliser World

With recent massive price increases in traditional fertiliser products containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulphur, there are now two words that should be foremost in the mind when deciding on any fertiliser product, effectiveness and efficiency.

Conditioning the soil

Double the spring clover content

Increasing plant available energy

Feeding soils

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Calcizest essence of clover

The future of New Zealand intensive pastoral farming will remain based on pastures containing both grass and clover, with clover providing the bulk of the nitrogen required for high production. Well managed pastures using CalciZest as part of a sound nutrient programme are able to provide dry matter yield in excess of 18.0 tonne without the need for fertiliser nitrogen.



A healthy, balanced, productive soil contains billions of micro-organisms per kg of soil which break down organic matter and soil components to liberate Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and minerals in a plant available form. Sea-Zest is a suspension containing fish meal; proteins, enzymes & amino acids, with added carbohydrates, minerals and naturally occurring growth promotants.