CASTLECORP - Keeping Rotorua Beautiful

By: Castlecorp  06-Dec-2011

Castlecorp is the largest business unit within the Rotorua District Council and the leading provider of infrastructural services to the residents of the District of Rotorua 365 days per year for:

  • Water Supply Operations and Management – Maintenance and Operations of all water supply networks, pump stations and reservoirs.

  • Water Supply Tours – Castlecorp conducts tours of the main city water supply for school and service groups.

  • Wastewater Network Maintenance – Maintenance of Wastewater network and Forest Irrigation Disposal Scheme

  • Refuse and Litter Collection – Delivery and collection of rubbish bags, and emptying rubbish bins within the urban areas.

  • Land Drainage Maintenance – inspection and maintenance of urban streams and open drains, and all piped drains.

  • Footpath and Verge Maintenance – Inspection and maintenance of footpaths and walkways.

  • Janitorial Services – cleaning and servicing some public toilets and urban reserve toilets.