Winter 2011 Newsletter - BTS Gym Auckland

By: Bts Gym  05-Apr-2012

ONHEALTH this winter features BTS crew member Sanjeev Narayan, the latest news, the benefits of our in-house infrared sauna, information about your nervous system and the importance of Zinc.

Have fun, keep fit, healthy and perform at your best!

Member news

  • BTS GYM welcomes Lee-Anne Wann and Brett Johnstone as part of the crew!
  • ANB(Australasian National Body Building) Asia Pacific Champs Michelle Dixon was 3rd in the Open Figure Tall. Check out Facebook soon for some pics
  • NABBA Auckland bodybuilding champs Angela Winterbourne was 3rd in the Womens Open Physique. She is in her build up for the Nationals 1st October (She won the novice last year)
  • Ravi Patel won the dead lift competition in the Aotearoa Strongman Comp (280kg AFTER many other events the same day)
  • Zinc testing in July with Lee-Anne. Look out for more info in the gym.

If you have any events coming up or results we would love to hear!

Quote of the month: The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle