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Trialed for the first time in summer 2007, Terranova Agassi Broccoli has shown good potential for the summer harvest slot. In particular it stood out during the Mid summer dry spell against the market standards, holding together its typically well formed dome and uniform bead size in testing conditions.

Agassi was compared from a late November through to Mid May harvest, with the best results showing up from
February through to May.  Maturity time was similar to Arcadia.

Growers may wish to consider trying some smaller commercial plantings of Agassi this summer to view for themselves the benefits Agassi has to offer.


Very adaptable winter standard for the Pukekohe area, with very good cool tolerance. Mararthon has a fine bead and has been a reliable variety for autumn , winter and early spring for many seasons and still makes up a large portion of many growers winter broccoli program.


Summer harvest standard with good adaptability to a range of conditions in both spring and summer. Produces a large head with a medium to fine bead that has an attractive dark green colour.


Firm uniform heads are a feature of this Seminis variety. Typically works well from late Autumn through to the spring changeover slot. Generally has a deep green colour and good field holding abiltity.

Kolya (New)

New cool season variety from Clause Vegetable Seeds.  Kolya procedures well domed uniform heads with a med-fine head and a thick stem.  Kolya is typically 5-7 days later to mature than Marathon.  Kolya performs best in Autumn/Early Winter and late Winter/Spring.


Greenback (New)

New cool season variety from Seminis Seeds.  Greenback has a very fine bead and will produce well domed firm heads.  Greenback also shows potential to have good field holding, retaining good head firmness.  Suggested harvest slot for Greenback is May to early October. 


 Long standing variety in the Franklin area.  Legacy has a adaptable wide harvest window from late Autumn to Spring.  Legacy has typically well domed fine beaded heads.

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As new material becomes available, Grant, Andrew and Philip are often the first people aware of their performance and potential and where they may fit into your local growing program. Highlighted in our "Products" section are only a small number of a large choice of varieties, both new and established, that have been tried and proven in local conditions.


Caliente Mustard

ARUGULA MUSTARD BLEND - Arugula /mustard blend that was designed for high biomass production and improved nematode surpression, especially in IPM programs combined with chemical nematicides. Produces excellent biomass with the highest "biofumigation" potential of any mustard available. Which has the highest glucosinolate level of any commercial variety. Excellent disease, weed and nematode suppression in many crops.



Numerous winter seasons now have demonstrated the adaptability, consistency and reliability of Omeo cauliflower for early to late Winter production. It has an exceptionally white flower that is typically firm, with a medium to large frame with excellent wrap around the curd. Omeo features bright white curds of good depth and density protected by a sturdy. The current premium Summer harvest variety for quality and consistency.



Harvestable from June through to August, Winguard shows good tolerance to frost and had been the market standard for a number of winter seasons. Crisphead type lettuce from Terranova seeds suited to warm weather, and has proven its reliability over many summers. Wintergreen is ideally cut in autumn and spring, but can be harvested through winter in frost free areas.