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By: Relief Massage  11-Jun-2011
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Sports massage increases your movement and flexibility, reduces and delays the onset of muscle soreness, and speeds up your recovery from intense training. Athletes who are serious about achieving their sporting goals should have massage as an integral part of their injury prevention and muscle recovery program. Maintaining flexibility of your muscle tissue and reducing the buildup of painful lactic acid will assist athletes at any level to get the most out of every training and game/appearance no matter what the sport is.

Our therapist specialises in Sports Massage and will start with a consultation to establish your individual sporting goals and then we will design your massage session and plan to help you achieve them.

Let us help you achieve! Your goals will be our goals!


Deep tissue massage accesses the deeper layers of muscle tissue to provide relief and at Relief we understand the physicality and technique this requires.

This experience is for those brave souls who need intense & concentrated massage.

Our massage therapist will talk with you so we know what you want to achieve and then tailor your deep tissue massage session to suit.

Let us give you the deep relief you need. At Relief we are capable of delivering on this promise!


Relaxation massage reduces any stress and tension leaving you totally relaxed and rejuvenated. If you’ve had a tough week this is the perfect way to alleviate your worries and calm your senses. Allow our therapist to softly massage those concerns away leaving you feeling relaxed and pampered.

After an initial quick consultation to ensure we know what you want, lie back and enjoy a blissful massage experience that is individually designed to calm and relieve.

Allow us to melt your stress away!


Therapeutic Massage offers you the benefits of relaxation massage in a therapeutic environment designed to pamper all of your senses. Our therapist will adjust the level of pressure he applies according to your needs and then finish each session off with a relaxing series of hand movements to leave you feeling revived and relaxed.

When you arrive our therapist will offer you a choice from our four therapeutic packages allowing you to tailor the session to suit your desires.

  • Lavender Luxury
  • Very Vanilla
  • Orange Spice
  • Wild Rose

In this massage treatment you will see how the lighting, relaxation music and aromatherapy enhances your massage experience to help focus body and mind re-introducing balance and clarity.

Therapeutic massage – pampering all of your senses!

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