White fillings

By: Penrose Dental  21-Mar-2010
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Also known as tooth coloured fillings there are 3 main types. These are

glass ionomer

composite resin


When done properly and in an appropriate size and location glass ionomer and composite resin fillings can sometimes last as long as the traditional silver amalgam fillings.

If greater strength and durability are desired for those cases unsuited for composite resin, porcelain inlays made by using Cerec CADCAM technology are a better and far more durable option.   Penrose Dental is one of the very few dental practices ( approx 5%) that offer CEREC restorations which are fillings milled from solid blocks of porcelain. Scientific research show the longevity of these fillings outlast that of any other ( Hickel & Manhart J AdhesDent 2001; 3 : 45-64) and more importantly preserves and protects the remaining tooth structure due to a high survival rate of over 90% over 10 years. ( Otto & De Niso Int J Prosthodont 2002; 15: 122-128 )

Keywords: Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental, Dental Care, Dentist, Teeth Whitening