Missing Teeth

By: Penrose Dental  21-Mar-2010
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If for some reason you have lost your teeth we can replace them. If missing teeth aren’t replaced the large gap that it leaves behind generally causes the other teeth to drift out of their normal positions collapsing or misaligning the bite.

 are removable appliances that can replace one or more teeth. They are a great option for keeping the costs down. Some people may find them intolerable because they can float around in the mouth, affect their speech and taste or be embarrassed when it falls out unexpectedly.

 are restorations made by fusing porcelain or gold crowns together to replace missing teeth. A crown is made for the missing tooth but is suspended over the gum by the crowns of the neighbouring natural teeth. The downside of bridges is that they generally cost more than dentures but they are fixed in place and therefore feel and look more natural.

 are the best way to replace missing teeth if money wasn’t an object. Implants are titanium rods surgically placed by a specialist into the jaw. The dentist will then make a tooth to attach to the titanium rod after a period of healing. Dental implants will preserve the jawbone that usually shrinks away when a tooth is removed and they do not require involvement of any neighbouring teeth.

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