Strategic Business & Marketing Planning

By: Ventell  10-Jul-2011
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Some people can make sound very fancy & complicated... With lots of models, acronyms & expensive sounding propositions.

We have a slightly different approach. We think, quite simply, that strategic business & marketing planning is a case of understanding what a business offers, what it wants to achieve & working out how to do it.

We work with the business to answer the 3 questions:

  1. What does the business do?
  2. For whom do we do it?
  3. How do we excel? Or, how can we beat or avoid the competition?

Sure, we have lots of tools, models & templates to make this much easier (after all, why reinvent the wheel each time?) but we've found that often all a business needs is the time & resources to work through its planning... And this is where we can help.

is often done for a start up business, but should also be done when the company is experiencing any of the following:

  • A major change occurring within your organisation or community.
  • The organisation is unveiling a new product or process.                                 
  • Struggling to gain common direction - A plan can create a unified mission or vision for the organisation with goals, benchmarks & a clear understanding of responsibilities. 
  • The organisation is stuck & needs to move forward.

When we work with you we take the time to understand the business through spending time with the owners, managers & also at the coal face... Then we work through a simple programme to develop a for the organisation. This plan will include business goals & benchmarks as well as a full or .

This plan may well be used to obtain funding from a bank or investor, but once this is done, it is not something that then gets put away in a bottom drawer... It's a plan that is used to guide the business in its' day to day activities.

Because it has clear, measurable goals for each of the business areas it will also drive the business reporting, back to staff, managers, owners, , Shareholders etc.

We have consultants and resources from all areas, so not only can we help with the development of your , but we can also help resource it to achieve your goals.

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