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By: Ventell  10-Jul-2011
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You hear so much about online, e-commerce, mobile & social media these days...

  • You've got to have a website...
  • It's got be friendly...
  • You need to have a facebook, bebo, myspace, youtube, flickr page...
  • You need to have banner advertising...
  • You've got to have Google Adwords campaigns...
  • You need an iPhone / Android / Google App...
  • You really should be blogging...
  • You need to have a good viral campaign...
  • You've got to be doing email campaigns & email marketing...
  • You need to be on twitter, linkedin, foursquare etc etc.

It's true... Online / Interactive is very much a growing channel & you need to be having conversations with these people. In New Zealand alone, there are 

  • 2 million Facebook users
  • 388,122 users of LinkedIn
  • 46,212 Twitter accounts with 19,436 engaged users

And that's just locally... Imagine the potential overseas! (Source - )

However, a lot of businesses jump into these things without really understanding what they are doing & why they are doing it... And more importantly, what's in it for the customer?

All too often we find businesses have set up all the sites & campaigns but they're not getting the results or the required ... And usually it's because they didn't clearly define what each of these channels purpose is.

Put simply, none of these channels should be set up unless you have answered the following:

  • Why are we doing this? ie What are the business objectives? Is it information, conversations with our customers, brand awareness or customer service? Each of these have a different purpose.
  • What will we measure success against? ie Are we looking for number of users/visits or is it about engagement & call to action? Is it about leads & sales conversion?
  • What's in it for the customer? ie Why would they want / need to visit your website, facebook site etc. or Why would they follow you on twitter? What do they actually want from you?

Online / Interactive is definitely about enabling conversations & building your brand online, but it may also be about increasing sales & improving customer service, as well as many other things. And without the right tools, channels & good usability (developed from an understanding of your customer needs), your efforts can be wasted.

Having a site, app or presence is not enough... Before you embark on a journey into the Online / Interactive world, or if you feel your Online strategy needs some review, feel free to give us a call & have a chat.

We've worked with all types of companies to help them develop their Online / Interactive strategy. We've also worked with them & a range of suppliers to get the tools delivered to enable them to achieve their business objectives.

Keywords: Advertising and Marketing, Digital & Online Strategies, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation,

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