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By: Ventell  10-Jul-2011
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The defines marketing as "the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

And if you look throughout the web, you'll see plenty of definitions for marketing, strategic marketing, market strategy, go-to-market strategy etc.

Funny thing is we all understand fundamentally what marketing is... And we all know how bad customer experience, terrible advertising or poor sales systems & services can affect us... And yet still so many businesses get it wrong!

Businesses may not have the time to properly analyse their brand & how their customers perceive it, they can't see how their customers experience their product or service or sometimes it's just that what they've been doing has worked "ok" so far.

And yet, a good marketing plan can help you to boost your sales & increase your profit margins.

Having a marketing plan will help you to focus on your target market & to find if there are any gaps in the market that will provide new opportunities for you. Your marketing plan will also provide you with something that enables you to measure how you are progressing. This can then highlight strategies that are working for you & those that are not.

A good marketing plan will also benefit you in that it provides your outside financiers with confidence that you know your market & that you know how to achieve your objectives.

If your business is going through any of the following, then we can help:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • Sales of an existing product or service have slowed
  • Losing market share to the competition
  • The business has become unprofitable
  • You don't really know where your marketing $'s go & what results you get
  • You think you're spending way too much on advertising

We are very pragmatic in our approach. Many of our consultants have run their own business, so they understand the need to produce outstanding results with a sometimes limited budget.

Our key services include:

  • Measurable Marketing Plans - Developing a simple effective marketing plan
  • New Product Development / Product Revitilisation - Uncovering the next step for your product development or identifying opportunities to revitalise your products / services
  • Marketing Effectiveness - Helping you understand your marketing ROI & where you are getting the best Return on Investment
  • Customer Experience Improvement - Reviewing the current customer experience & developing strategies to improve
  • Sales & Marketing Resources - Providing you with the temporary man-power & resources to get planning & projects completed
  • - Developing a clear path forward for your business
  • - Helping you to maximise the digital & online marketing capabilities to grow your business

Keywords: Advertising and Marketing, Digital & Online Strategies, Marketing, Marketing Advice, Marketing Consulting, Sales & Marketing Resources,

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