By: McCullough Limited  13-Apr-2013
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A specialist vehicle designed to help save lives in future New Zealand earthquakes has been imported by McCullough Ltd and is on its way to Christchurch.

The gigantic truck is called T-Rex because it weighs 30 tonnes and it thumps the ground to simulate earthquakes and tremors. It took the specialist skills of the motor vehicle shipping company McCullough Ltd to get the quake-maker safely shipped from the US state of Texas to New Zealand.

T-Rex will be used to help engineers rebuild Christchurch to withstand any future natural disasters. Sensors are placed on the ground as the truck causes its tremors. Readings from the sensors help to identify the make-up of the ground the machine is standing on, right down to 250 metres.

McCullough Ltd import vehicles to NZ for clients who have found a vehicle they want abroad, or for people moving to NZ. They also handle exports.

“We're absolutely delighted that we've been able to use our vast experience of to make this important life-saving work possible.” said Joe Steele, the General Manager of McCullough Ltd.

Testing is due to start on March 11th and it's planned that T-Rex will be used at 15 sites in Christchurch. There will be a chance for the public to see the huge machine in action during testing at QEII Park from March 14th, and at Ilam Fields on March 21st.

Parts of Christchurch are still cordoned off, two years after the earthquake which left 185 people dead.


McCullough Ltd are specialists in shipping cars to New Zealand.

They have 20 years experience of shipping vehicles from Australia, Japan, USA and United Kingdom.

Car shipping and car imports involve logistics, along with Customs and MAF clearance and detailed knowledge of regulations.

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