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By: Clarity Hearing  06-Dec-2011
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At Clarity Hearing, we have embraced leading edge technology to create state-of-the-art Hearing Clinics that are some of New Zealand's best equipped and the envy of Audiologists across the country and the globe.

Our equipment includes:

GN Otometrics Otocam Digital Video

This machine uses digital colour video to take detailed footage of your ear canals and ear drums. This assists us with the accurate diagnosis of hearing problems. You'll be able to watch the video on a large LCD flat screen.
Madsen Aurical PC-based Hearing

The Aurical is a computer-based hearing testing system. Use of the Aurical system increases the accuracy and efficiency of our hearing tests.
GSI TympStar Middle Ear

This machine measures how well your middle ear (the eardrum and the bones behind the eardrum) vibrates sound through to the inner ear and the hearing nerve.
VisibleSpeech Hearing Loss SimulatorYou may be well aware that you can’t hear well, and your spouse/ partner/ family/ friends may also know you don’t hear well, but do they really understand how things sound to you? The VisibleSpeech Hearing Loss Simulator plays sounds such as music and conversation through speakers and by using special filters demonstrates to them how you hear those sounds. Nearly every time we use this system the family member or friend is shocked at how muffled conversation is when you have hearing loss – it makes them appreciate how difficult it can be for you to hear them and others, and lets them understand why you might misunderstand what’s been said or ‘switch off’ when there is too much background noise around.
VisibleSpeech Hearing Aid SimulatorThis simulator amplifies sounds and speech, just like wearing hearing aids would, so you can hear the difference for yourself. By using this machine you can be sure that taking the step to trial hearing aids is worthwhile. If you bring a family member or close friend with you, you can listen to their voice as it would sound through hearing aids, then you will both know what sort of difference hearing aids can make. AudioScan Hearing Aid Verification.This machine takes your hearing levels and calculates the amount of volume the hearing aids need to put into your ears to correct for your hearing loss. By using this machine we can ensure that your hearing is restored as close to normal hearing as we can possibly get it.
Noah and NoahLink

Noah is a software platform hub that holds all of the programming software from each of the hearing aid manufacturers. We use Noah to fine-tune the hearing aids we fit. These fine-tuning changes are all saved within the Noah database on a session by session basis for easy retrieval should your hearing aid suffer an accident.

This software is produced by Oticon, one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. eCAPS provides visual and auditory information such as graphs, text, sound and pictures to help you make choices about hearing aids and to help you understand the hearing aid fitting and trial process.
Hearing Aid Rejuvenation

The JodiPro Vacuum is a machine we use in-house to clean hearing aids. Hearing aids get dusty and with time wax can get into them and affect their sound quality. Often we can get hearing aids sounding clear again after using this vacuum system on them. We provide this service free to the public - so feel free to drop in and ask for your hearing aids to be cleaned.

Keywords: Ear Canals, Hearing Aid, Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss

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Money Back Guarantee

Please note that if specific ear pieces have been made to fit your ear, we cannot return these to the manufacturer for refund, so you will have to pay for those (meaning that we provide a refund less the mould costs). The hearing aids must be in the same condition they were in when we supplied them to you (ie. in good working order. If you decide to return the hearing aids within the trial period you will be fully refunded.


What to expect - 7 steps to better hearing

Together we'll decide which model is likely to best suit your personality, your hearing acuity, the different environments you're regularly in and the things you really want to hear better. If hearing aids are an option we will demonstrate how they will sound using our hearing aid simulator so you will know if they'll make a difference without having to trial them.


Latest developments, and what's new in hearing aids

Standard models will help you in easy listening situations such as one on one conversation or listening to the TV. Advanced solutions are more effective in difficult listening situations such as in clubs. We have established relationships with all of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers and we undertake to recommend the hearing aids that we believe are most suitable for your unique requirements.