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By: Clarity Hearing  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid, Digital Hearing Aids

With the range of digital hearing aids now available, there are many choices.  Standard models will help you in easy listening situations such as one on one conversation or listening to the TV.  Advanced solutions are more effective in difficult listening situations such as in clubs, or in busy restaurants.  When people get used to wearing hearing aids, they often wonder how on earth they coped before and why they didn't take action earlier.  People will hardly notice the world's smallest hearing aids in your ears!

At Clarity Hearing, we have established relationships with all of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers and we undertake to recommend the hearing aids that we believe are most suitable for your unique requirements.  Here's a summary of our key suppliers:

Keywords: Digital Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid, Hearing Aids

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Leading Edge Technology

Nearly every time we use this system the family member or friend is shocked at how muffled conversation is when you have hearing loss – it makes them appreciate how difficult it can be for you to hear them and others, and lets them understand why you might misunderstand what’s been said or ‘switch off’ when there is too much background noise around.


Money Back Guarantee

Please note that if specific ear pieces have been made to fit your ear, we cannot return these to the manufacturer for refund, so you will have to pay for those (meaning that we provide a refund less the mould costs). The hearing aids must be in the same condition they were in when we supplied them to you (ie. in good working order. If you decide to return the hearing aids within the trial period you will be fully refunded.


What to expect - 7 steps to better hearing

Together we'll decide which model is likely to best suit your personality, your hearing acuity, the different environments you're regularly in and the things you really want to hear better. If hearing aids are an option we will demonstrate how they will sound using our hearing aid simulator so you will know if they'll make a difference without having to trial them.