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By: Inder Lynch Lawyers  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Family Trusts, Family Trust, Family Court

Family Law

Our Family Law Team has extensive experience at not only the Family Court level but also at the High Court and Court of Appeal. We can assist with all aspects
of Family Law including:

  • custody
  • access
  • guardianship
  • adoption
  • matrimonial property
  • defacto property
  • child support
  • domestic violence
  • harassment
  • Property Manager and Welfare Guardian applications pursuant to the
  • Protection of Personal and Property Rights 1989
  • Estate disputes

For further information contact a member of our Family Law Team at any of our three offices.

Family Trusts

Our Family Trust Team, lead by Craig Inder, have developed an in-depth knowledge of the creation and operation of family trusts. Unlike some, we do not believe that Family Trusts are appropriate for everyone’s circumstances. We are mindful of the costs included in creating the Trust and the on-going costs of operating the Trust.

We are also aware of the potential difficulties that can arise through placing your assets in your own Family Trust. For those reasons, and others, we believe that it is important to be able to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of a Family Trust with you before having you commit yourself to such a major change in your financial circumstances.

Our Family Trust Team are skilled at being able to guide you through this process to ensure that the best decision is made for your particular circumstances.

What is a Family Trust?
This is not the simplest of questions to answer as there have been some authors who have taken whole books to be able to attempt to describe all relevant aspects of a Family Trust.

The basic features of a Trust are that persons (trustees) hold or control property not for their personal benefit but for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries). The trustees are required to administer the trust property in a prudent manner as prescribed by the Trust Deed and in accordance with the requirements of the Trustee Act.

Are there any benefits in establishing a Family Trust?
There are a number of benefits in establishing a Family Trust. These include:

  • A trust can preserve assets for generations and can also allow flexibility in dealing with changing circumstances of family members.
  • Trusts are a means of protecting assets from creditors, disgruntled relatives and Government user pay charges;
  • There may also be tax advantages in establishing a trust.

There are a number of other benefits in establishing a family trust although these will depend upon your particular circumstances.

Keywords: Child Support, Family Court, Family Trust, Family Trusts, Property Rights

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