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 Dentures or dental prosthesis are artificial teeth that are used to replace missing teeth or teeth that need to be taken out. Starting price from $550.

There are many reasons people opt for dentures and some of the reasons include:

1. Restoring youthful appearance.

2. Returning your ability to eat properly.

3. Improving your smile

4. Improvement of health by removing periodontally compromised teeth and having denture replacements

5. As a cheaper option to replacement of gaps by bridges or implants.

Types of dentures

1. Acrylic dentures.

These are by far the oldest and cheapest type of dentures available; they are made from rigid acrylic material and are a good choice for partial dentures (where only some teeth need to be replaced) as well as full dentures (where all teeth need to be replaced). They can take some getting used to and may have wires to support the dentures.

2. Valplast dentures

Valplast dentures are flexible dentures suited only for partial replacements. They are designed to bend and absorb the forces in the mouth which makes them a lot easier to wear. Unlike acrylic dentures, they do not use metal wires for support and are also less bulky than acrylic dentures.

3. Metal partial dentures

These are the most costly of the dentures that are available, but the most durable.

They consist of a metal framework on which the teeth sit. You cannot see the metal framework when you smile and because this framework is thin, it is very comfortable to wear. Its design also makes these dentures very stable and retentive.

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