TalkCentR Phone Systems

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TalkCentR phone systems are advanced, next generation phone systems designed in NZ for NZ business.

They replace the function of an office PABX but do so much more.  Now you can connect different locations, telecommuting and mobile staff as virtual extensions on your phones system.

TalkCentR phone systems can make dramatic cost savings in your monthly phone cost for many businesses. 

Allways Networks has TalkCentR solutions suitable for businesses requiring only a few phones up to those with hundreds of staff in different locations.

Keywords: Pabx, Phone System, Phone Systems, Servers, Telephone Systems

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TalkCentR - Next Generation Phone Systems

Reduce monthly line rentals and call costs Connect offsite phones and PC's seamlessly to your phone system Integrate voicemail and fax with your email Increase your presence with local dialin in other regions or countries