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By: Accountability Now  21-Nov-2012
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Accountability Now supports Corporate Business in 3 areas with strategy consulting services: - Accountability and measurement Accountability Now puts relevant societal issues (stakeholders) at the heart of practical strategy and explores a new way to achieve economic success that integrates social purpose and measures success. - Effective giving strategy Accountability Now supports businesses to find the best area of focus for their social responsibility activity. - Partnerships that address and manage specific and strategic sustainability opportunities to create shared value. Accountability Now supports businesses to unlock the potential of social capital through partnerships and other collaboration that creates a capacity to act for mutual benefit or for a common purpose and have productive benefits. This enhances performance, ensures success in the long-term and creates shared value. Working with Accountability Now ensures 'cohesion' - Social Responsibility is a cross-departmental, cross-functional, cross-issue and cross-stakeholder endeavour. Accountability Now brings existing social responsibility initiatives together, identifies the efforts that make a long-term positive impact and align to wider business goals to enhance performance, ensure long-term business success, create shared value and allow the business to concentrate on core business activity. Increased Employee Engagement & Morale Improved Efficiency & Reduced Risk Preserved Pricing Power Increased Productivity & Entry to New Markets Cost Savings & Improved Cash Flow Improved Market Share & Increased Competitive Advantage Innovation, Access to New Technology & Research Enhanced Stakeholder Relations & Value

Keywords: Corporate, Csr, Strategy

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