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By: Marketwrite  06-Dec-2011
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Do You Need a Website Editor?

You have decided to expand your business onto the internet, either for the first time or you’ve decided your existing website is ineffective and needs a makeover.  You’ve gone to the trouble of registering a domain name and selected a website developer who has created a wireframe and an impressive graphic ‘look and feel’ design. 

As an owner, writing (or re-writing) and loading the content seems an easy step.

Yet, many business people struggle when it comes to writing their website content and costly delays are commonplace.

There are two primary reasons:

1. You know too much (about the business)! It becomes difficult to decide what should be included and what should be left out.  What is a 'feature' and what is a 'benefit', and who is interested in what?  Frequently the result is pages of bullet pointed lists detailing what the business can do.  This is an unsatisfactory result because in most instances, people are looking for benefits, not just features or capabilities.
2. You have insufficient time – you’re too busy running your business.  Does this sound familiar?

'They’ll Know What I Mean!'

Will they?   We hear this retort regularly.  The problem is, finding out whether you’re right or not can be expensive.  As time dribbles past, valuable internet marketing opportunities are passing you by.  As you work, sleep or watch TV, internet users are searching the internet for products or services just like yours.  We can guarantee that!

Creating good website content is sometimes harder than it looks and it does take time.

Maximise Your Content - Use a Website Editor

Consulting a specialised website editor before loading your content has a number of important advantages.

Importantly, your website editor will be viewing your content for the first time as an impartial and uniformed audience.

Be prepared for a shock.  Many of the assumptions you made may not be correct.  It’s a widely-acknowledged fact that marketers’ views of the needs of their target markets are sometimes wildly astray. 

Your website editor will not replace careful market research or intimate knowledge of your target customers, but we may alert you to a range of things that are inconsistent with your websites objectives. 

At the low end of the scale, these can include misleading section headings and sub-headings, meaningless acronyms, bad punctuation and incorrect spelling.  At the higher end, unpersuasive copy or obscure calls to action can prove fatal!  Don't ignore the possible negative effects of either.

It is essential that your website editor is thoroughly familiar with your online promotional strategy in order that:

    • Keywords are strategically placed throughout the copy, particularly on your Home or Landing pages

    Assuming that your business model is sound, your website search engine-friendly and design contemporary, your website success will depend heavily on its content.  Believe me, that’s true.

    Enquire how MarketWrite can

    transform your information into compelling website content

    that attracts search engines and convinces visitors just how much they need you! 

Keywords: Search Engines, Website Content, Website Editor

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