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By: Marketwrite  06-Dec-2011
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Is Your Website Performing up to Expectations?

The predominant reason that so many websites fail is poor quality content — weak or confusing Value Propositions, insufficient or poor quality information, incongruent images — you name it.  The list goes on.

If you’re willingly to spend a serious amount of money developing an impressive-looking website, why would you skimp on its content?

Take the guess-work out of your website's performance with a

free Website Check


The secret to a good website is out!

It’s not content, content, content as many believe.

It's quality content, quality content, quality content.

That’s it!

Certainly that’s a high-level observation that needs qualification and a lot more detail.

But there’s no escaping the fact that plenty of valuable information is required if your website stands any chance of beating the competition for search engine rankings and converting visitors into buyers, inquirers, donors or subscribers.

Does a picture tell a thousands stories?  Well, yes it can.  Pictures can also be worthless; it depends on the picture.  Is a sentence worth a thousand pictures? Sometimes.

You need both — high quality information comprising of superb copy and congruent images.

MarketWrite’s free Website Check

will focus your thinking — providing invaluable insight into the quality of your website’s content. 

Take the guess-work out of why your website may be under-performing.

Keywords: Search Engine

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