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By: Marketwrite  06-Dec-2011

Yes it is!  

Use an

While the social networking phenomenon continues to grow like wildfire, its effectiveness as a marketing mechanism remains in question.

No other form of Direct Marketing offers the same level of complex reporting, immediacy and flexibility as

— most particularly for small to medium sized enterprises who have limited marketing resources.

In essence, Direct Marketing relies on the measurement of success factors against a database of recipients — the

right offer

at the

right time

to the

right customers


• Pre-defining of content and dispatch dates. Write it, set it up, close it down and let it happen.
• Filtering of databases to get the right communication to the ‘right’ people
• Near-instant reporting on:
- Opened statistics
Look at the economics!

Typical Campaign
Quantity Pushed  (dispatched) 5,000
Unsubscribed 75
Net Response Rate 1%
Unit Price$250 
Total Sales$12,500 
Gross Margin (30%) $3750  
Direct Costs$197  
*Excludes consultancy/creative  

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