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Promaster Hardware from W H Software

By: W H Software  28-Jan-2010
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This new program is a comprehensive, multi-user, networkable program that offers everything a business engaged in the area of architectural hardware specification, quoting and supply will need.

Think of how good ProMaster 5 is for Master-Keying, and then think about scheduling - this program will bring those kinds of features and ease of use to the scheduling side of our businesses. The program has been developed over the past 4 years with much consultation between WHS and the hardware industry.

The program includes many wizards and other tools designed to save time and gain you valuable efficiency.

  • Shared Inventory: You can create a central inventory database which can include all relevant features and specifications for a product, including high-resolution photos (you can scan directly into the program, or capture from a website). The inventory database allows you to link in relevant ancillary documents such as product specification sheets from the manufacturer, installation instructions, range guides and so on. When you choose to print the schedule, you have the option to print or attach (if the quote/schedule is to be emailed) the associated documents.

  • Communications: A powerful way to cross-link virtually any aspect of the project based on receiving or making a phone call or email etc. This provides a method for tracking who asked for what, why, when and what was said. You can attach a communication note to a quote, a schedule, a product, a claim, a variation and so on. This is so you have a complete record over the life of the project of who asked for what etc. These can be cross-linked in many ways to ensure the relevant people find/see it when required.

  • Another big benefit of the program is to import/export from/to ProMaster 7. A locksmith can send a scheduler a door listing (from a ProMaster 7 system), and hardware can be added to it. ProMaster Hardware Scheduler also supports "keying", so a key list can be created, and keying can be applied to doors at the time the project is created (ProMaster Hardware Scheduler does not do coding at all). Once the project is underway, the ProMaster Hardware Scheduler can export the keys & doors (and keying) to the locksmith so they can add coding. This aspect will be very useful to both locksmiths and architectural teams working together avoiding double entry.
The program is extremely comprehensive, and covers all aspects of managing a hardware scheduling and supply project:
  • Variation approval and tracking process
  • Scheduling
  • Installation status updates
  • Quoting (i.e. adding prices to the schedule)
  • Shipments (what's still to go out the door)
  • Ordering
  • Communication
  • Claims

Ideal For

  • Architectural hardware suppliers

  • Architects

  • Lock manufacturers

  • Locksmith organisations

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