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By: Technman Electronics  06-Dec-2011

Allows remote reading of temperature, voltage, and current. This unit also comes with the option of two 4-20mA outputs.

Designed for:
  • Remote Data Acquisition
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Transducer - Signal, Weight, Pressure, Flow, Voltage, Current and Temperature measurement
  • Process control with 4-20mA output

Some Benefits of the 5050 Analogue/Digital Controller:

Saves Time:

  • Standard screwdriver connection to your wiring - no soldering or crimping needed
  • Hot-swapping of I/O devices makes troubleshooting hassle free

High Performance:

  • Can be set to run at 3 times the speed of other units (such as the OPTO22), delivering improved accuracy of process response
  • Rejects 50Hz and 60Hz hum
  • 15 bit accuracy at 10 samples/sec


  • Can be controlled from the serial port of any PC or laptop computer using the Control-it 5001 RS232-485 converter
  • Supports the industry standard OPTO22 communications protocol and inexpensive RS485 two wire network
  • Can measure 0-1V, 0-10V, 0-20mA plus J, K and T temperature probes.
  • Each analog input can be configured for a different type of input.

Easy to Install:

  • Panel or DIN rail mountable, or can be stacked with a special stacking kit
  • Well labelled, robust enclosure for easy installation
  • Can be used with most standard power adaptors
  • Comms and power connectors can be unplugged


  • Fully floating circuitry protects your computer from power spikes
  • Microprocessor controlled watchdog feature disables all outputs in event of processor failure

Built -in Reliability:

  • Designed to exceed international standards for noise immunity
  • Complete isolation of all comms and I/O sections minimises outside interference errors
  • 5 LEDs and a comprehensive trouble-shooting guide for easy diagnosis of suspected system faults


Specifications for 5050:

Unregulated supply voltage12Vdc to 24Vdc
Board power consumption30mA
Comms power consumption22mA
Comms power consumption in TX mode 52mA (120 Ohm terminating resistor)
Communications networkRS485
Communications protocolOPTO22or memory mapped
Size in mm172(w) x 133(h) x 30(d)
Analog Inputs8 differential or 16 single ended
Analog Input types 1V, 10V, 0-20mA, J, K, T
Sampling rate10 samples per second
ADC TypeMAX132 18 bit multi-slope integrating
A/D ResolutionOpto22: 12 bit (1 in 4096)
H/S: 15 bit plus sign (1 in 32768)
Overall Accuracy±2 bits
Reference Stability2ppm/ºC
Total Drift20ppm of FSR/ºC
Noise rejection50Hz / 60Hz selectable
Input Impedance210k ohms
Common mode rejection ratio
(Differential modules only).
Vcm = 10V
1V range: 0.09% of FSR typical
10V range: 0.009% of FSR typical
20mA range: 0.045% of FSR typical
D/A resolution(4-20mA output)12bit for Opto22 or 1uA for memory mapped high speed
D/A offset error (4-20mA output)0.1%
D/A gain error (4-20mA output)0.2%

Ordering Information:

Description Part numberComment
Control-it 5050 8 channel differential5050D088 fully independent inputs
Control-it 5050 16 channel single ended5050S1616 common ground inputs

Add 2 optional 4-20mA outputs5050xxxOUT

Fully floating 4-20mA output.
xxx - add above part number extension
eg. 5050D08OUT or 5050S16OUT

DIN rail mounting kit assembly50DIN  

Software support:

Demo software for testing and demonstrating features of operation.
The source code of the demo software supplied is written in TURBO PASCAL and DELPHI.

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