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By: iQRite Interactive Touch Frames  26-May-2009
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There are over 60 standard sizes ranging for 10″ – 200″dia in 16:9 and 4:3 display formats. As the manufacturing process allows sizes in 2.5mm incremental steps we are able to supply literally 100’s of sizes for and project or display.

iQRite Touch Frames are available in two formats:
Kitset Frame - Shipped unassembled ready to be assembled. No special tools required. No software required. Click-Push-Screw. World’s first kitset commercial system enables anyone to create an industrial grade touch screen for any surface or digital display.

Touch Frame Panel - Shipped assembled with glass tempered panel ready for attaching to your display within a minute.Ideal when you need to use a non touch type surface. Ideal for shop windows, printing whiteboards, any Plasma and LCD screen, rear projection screen, standard white board, front projecion screen, wall, tabletop, laptop and desktop computer.

The iQRite Touch Frame fits any LCD or Plasma due to its universal patented attachments and design.
The iQRite Touch frame will be multi touch shorlty after final phase of software testing

Today however this has been over come where we achieve very high precision touch accuracy over the entire screen with a distributed off set accuracy error within +/- 1mm. A well designed IR Touch screen is even capableof handling multiple and simultaneous inputs, gesture and multi user collaboration. As developments continue we will also introduce proprietary multi touch abilities and multi screen within one frame features.

iQRiteTM Touch Frames and Panels have unique benefits. High resistance to light interference, solid state and compact structure, end user enabled integration, extremely wide range of coverage in sizes up to 200″ dia and ability to integrate internally or externally with many different display types.

iQRiteTM Touch Frame is a hot plug and play device, it is HID compliant, no need any special driver, just connect it to a computer through the USB port. An iQRiteTM touch frame will convert your existing flat-panel TV into a touch screen monitor or standard white board into a high tech state of the art interactive surface. You will be able to operate your computer just by touching the screen with your finger or a stylus.

iQRiteTM TouchPanels and Frames are ideal for all interactive applications, surfaces and displays without complex reverse engineering. The iQRite Frame is suitable for use with any wall to create interactive non digital surfaces. For specialists, trained personnel and technicians it is possible to mount the touch frame inside the LCD screen in the workshop, and for manufacturers this can be incorporated during production. IR sensing has reached a new level of accuracy and stablity from the centre pixel to the corner pixel up to 200” Dia. If required it can be easily fitted with a glass panel to use with non touch surfaces such as plastic membrane LCD.

The primary advantages of iQRiteTM IR Touch Frames are their clarity and immunity to drift. The LED and sensor arrays of an iQRiteTM IR touchscreen need no substrate, so the touch screen doesn’t place anything between the display and the user that might reduce the display’s brightness. Further, because the array forms a stationary optical grid, the touch-point positioning cannot drift.These advantages may outweigh IR’s limitations in many applications.

iQRiteTM Touch Screens use an array of photo diodes on two adjacent screen edges with corresponding photo sensors on the opposite edges. These diode/sensor pairs establish an optical grid across the screen. Any object that touches the screen breaks the optical-grid lines that cross the touch point, causing drops in the corresponding sensor-output signals. These drops indicate the touch-point coordinates. Rather than simultaneously establishing all grid lines, IR screen controllers typically scan through the array.

iQRiteTM Touch Screens can be fitted internally to many monitors and externally to all LCD / PDP screens, whiteboards, windows and projection screens.

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