Security Alarm Installation For Home or Business, Auckland Wide

By: Iq Security  06-Dec-2011
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We install alarms in commercial premises.  Our experienced team can provide a security solution that is easy to use, reliable and protects business.  We have customers ranging from small business owners to manufacturers, warehouses and nation wide retail chains.


We use many different types of sensors to suit the area that needs protecting such as PIRs (Passive Infra Red movement detectors), door contacts, beam sensors, glass break detectors, safe seismic sensors, smoke and heat detectors.  If you have pets that will be in the house when the alarm is armed, we can install Pet Friendly PIRs that are immune to the pets movements but will activate if a human enters the coverage area.

Wireless Systems

Remote controls are the first thing many people think of when we talk about wireless alarm systems but there are other benefits.  A wireless system is perfect for installations where there is limited or no access to roof spaces to run the necessary cabling for the alarm system.  Most of the normal hard wired type sensors are also available as wireless models, offering the same levels of protection.  Keypads and even external sirens can be wireless also, providing that total wireless solution.  

Great Features

The alarms we use can have many valuable features that add to the functionality of the alarm and increase its usability.  Systems can be partitioned to protect multiple areas independently, say an office and a warehouse or the house and the garage, for example.  You can sleep easy at night knowing that your garage is protected by the alarm system while you sleep.  You can also arm areas of your home such as the lounge and kitchen but you can still move around in the bedrooms or hallways. 

Keypads can have LCD displays that provide plain English descriptions of each event.  Remote control units can make arming and disarming the system a breeze and can control other equipment such as lighting, heating and garage door openers. 

Some systems can be armed/disarmed over the phone - great for letting people in.  Voice modules allow the user to operate the alarm over the phone using voice commands. One system even has a built in FM radio!

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Keywords: Alarm System

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There are many different types of cameras and lenses to fit them, depending on what view you want - a wide angle view of an office area or a tight zoom shot of a driveway to get vehicle registration plate details. A good camera system can make your business safer, more efficient, and less prone to theft and accidents, making it a valuable Loss Prevention tool.


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A complex system can consist of hundreds of doors, with certain users only allowed to access certain doors, and maybe only at certain times or on certain days of the year. We install electric and magnetic locks on internal and external doors and gates, along with keypads, swipe card and prox readers and remotes to suit the application.


Service & Maintenance - Alarm, CCTV Camera, DVR, Access Control, Maglock

Little things like ensuring that the system time is correct can help avoid confusion when viewing alarm event logs after an event occurs. We check that all cameras are operating and that they are in focus and viewing the required area. That's why we offer a regular maintenance service for all your electronic security equipment. Are your cameras out of focus or need readjusting to view what they should be viewing.


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The monitoring station then responds to that signal as you have specified - by phoning or texting you, and/or by dispatching a security guard to the site. Alarm Activations, Fail to Test and Fault signals responded to, plus Open/Close signals monitored and logged to history but not responded to. Alarm monitoring is a service that watches the signals from your security alarm and then reacts to those signals in a way that you specify.