Mathsoul Lynda-Anne My-Story Free Maths Poster; Gib Clicks and Polynomials

Mathsoul Lynda-Anne My-Story Free Maths Poster; Gib Clicks and Polynomials from Mathsoul Maths Posters

By: Mathsoul Maths Posters  23-Feb-2009
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Lynda-Anne works with internet marketing, and the poster questions involve ratios, graphs, curve fitting (linear, cubic, logarithmic, power), as well as sequences and series, and calculus.

The questions on the Lynda-Anne GIB Clicks Polynomials poster are also available on the printable Lynda-Anne free printable worksheet questions. Lynda-Anne uses PPC (pay-per-click) ads to market GIB wall ceiling linings to kitchen and bathroom renovators.

In evaluating which websites to display these ads on a lot of maths is used; cubics, curve fitting, calculus and more. Linear equations, power curves and logarithms. Also sequences and series. A good mathematics workout!

This mathematics poster is sponsored by GIB as part of their community services. So for a limited time free A1 size copies (printed with $ signs for currency) are available - one free copy with every other purchased Mathsoul poster from any series. Normal handling shipping charges apply.

Most 12 year old students will be able to handle the first question which involves dividing 'weekly advertising cost' by 'requests received each week' to get cost-per-request.

Question two uses three weeks of supplied data to generate the linear equation of y (cost-per-request) in terms of x (requests-per-week). These allow calculation of cost-per-request at a response level of 260 requests per week.

Question three addresses the position a week later, with another set of data points available. Curve fitting with a statistics calculator is needed for a power curve, logarithmic curve and a cubic polynomial.

Question four uses the equations developed in question 3 to consider which single website will deliver the lowest cost-per-request at the 260 request level. And for those with calculus skills (or another approach) which combinations of websites would give the lowest cost.

Wes Williamson a mathematics teacher at KingsWay School in New Zealand, and previously in Canada has provided mathematics education consulting for this poster.

Lynda-Anne, as pictured, at time of poster production is a marketer at GIB with responsiblity for direct response marketing, including use of PPC advertising. Actual data has been adjusted to protect commercial interests, and to maximise learning opportunity. Lynda-Anne's Student Discussion Forum - for students to register, then post answers and constructive comments.

The sponsor of this Mathsoul My-Story poster is Winstone Wallboards Ltd (GIB) plasterboard drywall manufacturers and distributors in New Zealand ( - meeting the cost of design, and the printing of a quantity of A1 size copies to be distributed with other purchased Mathsoul posters, for use in secondary high schools, and colleges. This poster features one of their current executies, Lynda-Anne.

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