Microscopic Hair Analysis Consultation

By: SRS Hair Clinic  08-Oct-2010
Keywords: Hair, Hair Loss, Alopecia

We provide full 45 minute Hair Analysis Consultation using several different microscopes to find out the cause of your hair loss and how far it has progressed.

The advantages of the hair analysis include the fact that it’s non-invasiveness and low cost, while giving you a deeper look into a scalp section and hair sample to assess any abnormal formations. This can give insight into any hereditary conditions, overuse of cosmetic products, suspect environmental exposures, and even wrong grooming habits that are resulting in your hair loss.

The examination is conducted using two different microscopes to determine the cause of your hair loss. First a technician looks deep into a hair sample to determine any abnormal formation of the hair from root to hair end. This in turn can indicate the overload of toxins, over-activity of glands, as well as external conditions such as the splitting, shredding or traumatization of your hair.

A second microscope narrows in on a small section of the scalp to determine the general condition of the hair and scalp, establishing the density of hair growth and discovering how advanced the problem are. Advice on lifestyle, nutrition, grooming habits, and conducting your living environment are provided to give you optimum solutions for treating your hair and scalp.

Keywords: Alopecia, Baldness, Hair, Hair Loss, Hair Loss Treatment, Thinning Hair