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Healthy Hair Tonic from NZ Perfect Health & Beauty

By: NZ Perfect Health & Beauty  09-Nov-2009
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Healthy Hair Tonic helps to restore and rejuvenate Hair, in spite of any extended periods of inactivation of the hair roots.
It`s potent formula nourishes and supports the micro circulation of the scalp and opens the pores to allow for adequate oxygen absorption,the provision of necessary nutrients to the hair roots and removal of any toxins impending hair growth.
It futhermore aids in regulating the water and fat content of the epidermis and thereby prevents hair from becoming excessively greasy or dandruff from forming. As a result, the hair roots are stimulated to strengthen available hair and to futher generate new hair growth,enhancing the image of healthy lustrous hair.

100% Natural Topical Formula,No Hormones,No Side-effects Promotes Hair Rejuvenation Stimulates Hair Growth Enhances Micro Circulation to the Scalp Boosts Growth and Adds luster to existing Hair Strengthens and Nourishes Hair Prevents Hair loss Proven,Effective Formula for over 20 years Made in NZ and Cruelty

Get on top of the problem before it gets on top of you. For hair growth that’s naturally yours, come and meet the professionals.

Ring us now (03) 348 6161 to make an appointment for your own personal hair analysis or come and visit us at NZ Perfect Health and Beauty, 596 Ferry Road, Christchurch, NZ.

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