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By:  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine

Case studying « Auckland Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Dr. Win Clinic

Long-term healing in patients with underlying causes of the ACC and Countermeasures (f)

Dr. Huang Wenchuan

For Chinese medicine speaking, ACC policies and regulations, a registered Chinese medicine doctors can only do ACC patients with acupuncture, massage, cupping and other methods of treatment, but not to provide traditional Chinese medicine(herbs), Chinese medicine treatment(herbs) if ACC patients need only pay the cost of treatment the patients themselves. This case is two years ago, I treated patients, today brought together to discuss with you.

Mr. M, male, aged 70, in the pedestrian passage through the road when the car hit the back, was unconscious, was taken by ambulance to the hospital, emergency treatment, sober, but that can not recall the accident after he was sent how to the hospital do not know, fortunately, the body does not fight the trauma, suffering only superficial, CT examination and no brain abnormalities, the doctor diagnosed as a concussion, was discharged three days the hospital for observation.

After discharge, still stretching, dizziness, walking is not practical, diet, sleep properly. But the biggest problem is not to cross the road, a cross the road, went middle of the road, you feel the car to open up, fear, fear, do not know which direction to go, so he did not dare go out for some time. In local cities, he found a few traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, headache, dizziness has improved, but the fear of crossing the road has not improved at all. Family doctor introduced him to a psychiatrist, psychological treatment, the fear abated.

One year later, the patient remains headache, stretching, dizziness, memory loss and obviously feel, read for half an hour, do not know what to write the book, he had to interrupt his university courses are learning. Walking on the road, still feeling slightly afraid. Year, many times in the local city to accept acupuncture treatment, be effective, but he was not satisfied, so he take the bus to Auckland to receive my treatment. In accordance with his medical history, symptoms (headache, dizziness, memory loss, inability to concentrate, poor sleep), and check (no abnormal neurological examination), diagnosis of “traumatic brain injury sequelae,” to give acupuncture, Chinese medicine, comprehensive treatment .

Patients are patients with ACC, but ACC has given him many times acupuncture treatment, acupuncture has been re-apply for ACC can not, traditional Chinese medicine treatment for ACC has no policy to ensure reimbursement. Therefore, the costs of treating patients only on his own to resolve, the patient comes to the family situation, solve their own money is impossible, only to abandon treatment. Confidence in me to see patients, the pain of the disease, and urgent treatment of mood, I think of the New Zealand government, New Zealand workers received Bureau (working and income). I wrote a letter, and the approximate cost of acupuncture treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the patient went to see the work close Bureau. A week later, the patient called to inform the workers close to the Oakland Board agreed that he received my treatment. However, limited reimbursement of expenses each time, I immediately agreed to patients to my clinic, acupuncture benefits, only charge the cost of traditional Chinese medicine.

About uninterrupted year of treatment, patients with headache, dizziness disappeared, memory, attention improved significantly more than an hour reading the book is not a problem, sleep better, crossing the road fear is gone. Patient back to his normal state of learning. Very grateful for his run so far, from another city to Auckland, uninterrupted year of treatment.

ACC patients need to pay the cost of treatment, but the ACC has a therapeutic treatment for any number of restrictions, including acupuncture. If the ACC really need to continue acupuncture patients, and families with financial difficulties, you can also apply to the Bureau of working and income  received acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, working and in come  bureau received a letter of recommendation based on family doctors, Chinese medicine doctors letter and disease conditions will be considered in patients with Chinese medicine treatment .

Keywords: Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine

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