By: TeeOff  11-Feb-2015
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Who are we? The best new place to buy the wrolds top brand golf gear at awesome prices.Its that simple Why are we here? With the highest number of Golf Courses per capita than any other country in the world and nearly 0.5 million golfers nationwide, we felt it was time someone offered better prices on quality golf gear. We want our customers to get the brands and products you liked on a regular basis without having to visit a retail outlet (after all the less time in shops, the more time on the fairways). Golf is an expensive enough sport without having to spend too much on the products you need on the course every round. Is the gear any good and why such low pricing? Our brands are the best and all genuine gauranteed . You can be assured we don't stock any imitation brands or inferior product, that's just not on. We want you to enjoy your golfing experience and if something goes wrong we don't want you to blame the clubs. Keeping the prices low is a no brainer, we don't have retail outlets so therefore have extremely low overheads. So as you'd expect the savings are passed on to you. Why did we start TeeOff. That's the easiest question you've asked all day! We love golf, we love the gear and we wanted to be able to get the top brands and awesome prices. If you have a bad day and lose a few balls (or 6) we dont want you worrying when you next tee off about how expensive the round is with all the added extras added on. Save that money for a drink with your playing partners in the club rooms. We also wanted to provide you with a great brand that appreciates your purchase and gives you great value and experience in return just to say thanks.

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