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By: Rorisons  06-Dec-2011


Rorisons RMD Lime
A cost effective solution to lift soil pH.
Rorisons RMD Lime has a very high calcium carbonate content (95-98%) and low particle size. It offers a low cost highly effective solution to lift soil pH levels, unlocking valuable nutrients not availiable at lower pH levels.

Rorisons RMD is available in specialised forms as:

Rorisons RMD Aerial Lime -
High quality topdressing lime that minimises the risk of hung loads, ensuring pilot safety without compromising the agrnomic benefits of fine particle size.

Rorisons RMD Cropfines -
Ultra fine lime particles ideal for crop application onto turnips and swedes.

Rorisons RMD LimeMag
The first choice for healthy soils and quality pastures.
LimeMag is the ideal solution for lifting soil pH, and applying quality Magnesium.
It is a single pass application solution to keep application costs down.
LimeMag will elevate soil microbial activity, lift Mg levels to improve pasture nutrient quality and aid stock health.