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By: Hayco Stockfeeds  05-Apr-2012

Spray Services – Waikato & BOP

After 20 years as a contractor we understand the need to be professional and the importance of maintaining nothing but the best equipment as well as keeping up with all the latest advancements in agrichemical weed control and pasture/cropping sprays

The science of chemically controlling weeds and pest moves very quickly. New and improved products come on the market all the time for the average farmer keeping up with the latest is near impossible. Most often a farmer’s chemical choice is governed by his “merchants preferred supplier” or simply buys the product he has always used but this doesn’t always provide the best option. This approach could cost more money and be less effective than necessary.

As a professional contractor we have always seen it as part of our job to keep up with the latest to be able to advise our clients and help select the best product for a specific job. We have always said we favour the best product for each situation and not any particular company. We evaluate products from any manufacturer regardless, pay close attention to research and trial results and we regularly talk with sales reps and attend seminars.

We are always happy to talk with you to share our experiences and knowledge.

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