Type 2 Hypervisor Virtualization

By: JJShephard  06-Dec-2013
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Do you have an old desktop PC but dread having to migrate to a newer spec'd computer? No worries! With virtualization I can create a "virtual" instance of your current desktop and have it run within your new computer setup without losing all those data, files and settings. For example if you still have Windows XP and want to migrate to Windows 7 a virtual machine can be created onto your new machine with your newly installed Windows 7 (for example) and have your old system installed onto the virtual machine allowing you to use your old trusted desktop that you know and love whilst learning to use the new Windows version and enjoying a faster paced computer. You will have a completely new computer system with the latest hardware and you will retain your old desktop instance which will be installed "inside" a virtual machine, you don't have to worry about your old PC dying, or upgrading it because it will all run within your new system. You will be introduced with a newer more future proof operating system (which ever you prefer, be it Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux or MAC OS). Also you can set up your new machine with a solid anti- virus/firewall/internet security suite which will keep your old desktop instance inside the virtual machine far more secure. Please e-mail me or call me for more info pertaining to virtualization, and as with all new technology there is a slight learning curve however I have to admit with virtualization it is not much of a biggy. I will help you get adjusted to the new system and I will be available for follow up support. This solution is best for home office to small business situations. BTW Windows XP will lose support coming April 2014, that means there will be no more security updates available and will be more prone to hacking attacks, virus infections and incompatibilities. Also the continual growth of internet and web based technology will make Win XP with its internet explorer 8 obsolete very quickly.

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