General Computer IT Troubleshooting

By: JJShephard  06-Dec-2013
Keywords: Computer Software, Technical Support, Computer Repairs

There are many many issues and problems that come with computing and we face new ones each day, not always is a computer problem easily diagnosed, sometimes requires a bit of research to narrow the problem down and then to follow a set of steps by process of elimination to hopefully determine the issue at hand and apply a fix. Has your computer got one of those hard to describe problems, or is it and intermittent problem (one which comes and goes)? These issues can be very annoying and the problem may or may be a symptom of a pending failure of a component or a malicious virus, malware or spyware that is popping it's head up every now and again. A few system scans, from various programs can eliminate a host of possible problems, windows errors, registry errors, broken applications. For any odd problems which require a bit of research, some scans to be performed, applying fixes general troubleshooting I charge an hourly rate. There are always problems we can live with, even my own computer has its hiccups which I've learnt to live with, so the thing to keep in mind is if it's not a sign of impending disaster and not really something that is causing your computer to run slow or crash then you won't really need to worry about fixing it (I don't think there a very many computers that run flawlessly). After performing the basic troubleshooting steps I will also provide you with advice on keeping your computer up to date, running smoothly by running certain maintenance tasks etc. I have extensive knowledge for using the correct software programs that will benefit your computer rather than some others that promise much but do little or the opposite. Use my advice for getting your computer running in tip top shape.

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