Data Sanitization - Hard Drive Wiping

By: JJShephard  06-Dec-2013
Keywords: Data Sanitization, Files and Data Destruction, Hard Drive Cleansing,

Reselling, putting your old end-of-line computers back onto the market or even recycling them can bring a little known problem with it, and that is that your private information could fall into the wrong hands, it doesn't take much for someone to retrieve passwords, bank login details, credit card numbers and just personal information to use it for identity theft. Deleting your files or data or even setting your computer back to factory default settings will NOT prevent thieves to retrieve the valuable data that is hidden on your hard drive. There are many ways to retrieve data and files once they have been "deleted". There are a couple of options available to you and the first would be the most secure one which would be to pull out the hard drive of your computer and keep it yourself in a secure area and / or destroy it before you resell or dispose of your computer. The second is (and thats where I come in): to securely wipe the hard drive with specialized software that writes over any data or files that may have been their previously, if a hard drive is overwritten several times it is impossible to retrieve anything usable from the hard drive therefore this process gives you piece of mind that when you wish to resell your old computer(s) or recycle them none of your private information will be retrievable it will be completely wiped. BTW selling your old computer with hard drive still installed makes it easier to sell, so make sure your hard drive is clean when you do!

Keywords: Data Sanitization, Files and Data Destruction, Hard Drive Cleansing, Hard Drive Wiping, Secure Data Wiping,

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