What you can expect when you work with Furore

What you can expect when you work with Furore from FURORE - Visual Merchandising Solutions

By: FURORE - Visual Merchandising Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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Merchandising Audits – Retail Consultancy

A store audit provides an in depth review of your present merchandising standards; taking into account store design and layout, traffic flow, atmosphere, lighting, pricing, ticketing, window dressing and display techniques, attention to detail, and continues on to observation of customers in the way they interact with the store and the product.

A "warts and all" written report follows an on site audit. All reports are complete with photos, advice and suggestions. A merchandising audit is the best starting point for retailers who would like to lift their merchandising standards but have no idea where to begin.

Merchandising Workshops and Staff Training

Merchandising workshops are tailored to the customer’s requirements; from a wine and cheese evening with a group of local retailers, to one on one coaching with business owners or management, or an interactive training session with sales staff on the shop floor. Training is product specific wherever possible.

Seminars and Conferences

Seminar and conference services include merchandising presentations for groups of retailers, (such as those in the sports, pet or beauty industries.) Conference services also include presentations for retail training organisations, or product specific training within the structure of a company conference.

Hands on Merchandising

Hands on merchandising services include regular window dressing contracts, in store promotions, prop hire for retailers, restaurants and other businesses, or hands on display within a workshop context.

Distance Training and Advice

Visual Merchandising Manuals

A well merchandised store requires forethought, planning and a co-ordinated approach. A visual merchandising manual includes before and after photos along with bullet points and guidelines. A manual acts as a strong visual point of reference for staff and is a great way to say "This is how we do things around here."


Helping to transform a problem into an opportunity to grow a business; by assisting struggling retailers or working with difficult product.

Brand and Supplier Services

Working with the suppliers of branded product to ensure they are looking their best in the marketplace and have a competitive edge.

Marketing support

Working with marketing and management teams of retail chains, to ensure merchandising standards are consistent, generic and fully support the company's marketing efforts.


Literary services include providing articles on merchandising for publication, or written material for visual merchandising manuals, or the content of training material for workshop attendees.

Keywords: Visual Merchandising, Window Dressing

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