Sika Solution

By: Sika Technology  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Security Access, Aluminium Jointing

'Sika Solution'

Lightweight aluminium Security Access Cover Sets for use by Telecommunication Companies and Municipalities in both roadway and pathway situations combined with kitset Aluminium Jointing Chambers, offering a faster, safer and cheaper solution to the traditional concrete and cast iron, make up the "Sika Solution".

The New Sika Solution

As part of our ongoing commitment to constant development and improvement of our product Sika have developed the "New Sika Solution" made up of a Kitset Aluminium Jointing Chamber and a Pathway Security Access Cover Set with a New Channel Frame (Patent Pending). This innovative Cover Set Frame integrates with Sika’s Aluminium Jointing Chamber and was developed to eliminate the need for a reinforced concrete support collar. The New Sika Solution dramatically reduces the cost of installation and removes the need for contractors to return to the site for de-shuttering and finishing details.

  • No concrete support collar required for the new Cover Set Frame.
  • No next day return to de-shutter.
  • Height adjustability.
  • Rigid maintenance free materials.
  • Lightweight and OSH compliant.
  • Security stainless steel locking system.
  • Packaged for simplified procurement.
  • Low freight and handling costs.
  • 200mm Chamber Extension now available for a 900mm deep chamber.
  • 4 chambers can be installed per day by a 4 man gang.
  • Semi-skilled labour required.
  • Easy installation in confined spaces, especially if using the new 400 wide Chamber series.
  • Easy ground level adjustment.
  • Can be easily installed over existing cables or ducts.
  • Enclosures and cable management accessories easily bolted to chamber walls
  • PVC duct entry panels require only hand tools.
  • Corrosion resistant castings.

The Channel Frame eliminates the need for a concrete reinforced collar but, where difficult ground slope conditions exist, the channel frame can be positioned at the required height and ground slope and a concrete reinforced collar used. 

Class B packaged product will be supplied with the New Channel Frame from April 2010.

Keywords: Aluminium Jointing, Security Access,