Corporate workshop -Unlock your creative genius with music - Musetude

Corporate workshop -Unlock your creative genius with music - Musetude from Musetude Trust

By: Musetude Trust  18-May-2011
Keywords: Human Resource

Musetude will help each leader or employee:
* TUNE-IN to your creative flow.
* BEAT stress away.
* Work in HARMONY in teams.
* Turn your DISCHORD into harmony
* Problem-solve intuitively, MUSICALLY
& easily! . . your KEYS to productivity.

After the 2-days:
1. Increase creative flow where you are fully engaged, energised and motivated.
2. Complete perception shift – a think BIG attitude, being innovative, boosted productivity and performance
3. Reduction in stress, negative thinking
4 Improved health
5. The ability to tackle complex issues with a fourth brain holistic approach
6. Working in harmony: improved collaboration, brainstorming sessions and a more vibrant and energised workplace.

Why Music?
1. Intensively learning music in a short timeframe requires one to access their frontal cortex or “fourth brain” – the creative, intuitive, positive thinking area of the brain
2.Tackling a complex & new subject such as music requires left and right brain (cross-brain) co-ordination.
3.Creative Composition - the brain switches into productive alpha-theta brain frequency.
4. Complex theory (such as chords, reading music etc) increases memory and requires 100 per cent engagement and intense focus.
5. Group sessions of making music together and understanding one's true potential helps teams switch out of a negative mind set and learn to work together in a fourth brain positive mindset.

Keywords: Human Resource

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