Ford Ranger 2006+ » Beaut Utes

By: Beaut Utes  06-Dec-2011

Ford Ranger 2006+ » Beaut Utes

Our canopy shells are formed in one piece from heavy duty ABS plastic, which is selected for its load bearing capacity and impact strength. The canopy shells are significantly lighter than others on the market, allowing for easy installation and better fuel conservation over the life of the vehicle. Beaut Utes canopy is the best way to maximise space in your tray, while insuring your load is safe and secure.

The standard features of our high/lowline canopies are:

- Colour coded

- Sliding multi latching windows with external guttering

- Virtually non-drip twin handle all glass rear door

- Smooth odourless interior for ease of cleaning

- Interior light on commercial range

Optional Extras: 

- Virtually non-drip side lift up windows

- Security/Dog Mesh

- Fly mesh

- Air Vents

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Toyota Hilux » Beaut Utes

Beaut Utes Sportbar/lids have a ' unique hinge system' that enables high lift opening of the Sportsbar/lid for easy 'unobstructed' access to the contents of your ute. They have a co-extruded 'ASA capping' on the surface which ensures excellent UV stability, thermal resistance and provides a superb bonding surface for painting.