Emergency Wounds pack

By: Veterinary Professional Services  06-Dec-2011

Designed as an instant “one off” first aid pack for bleeding injuries, either in the paddock or when you are out riding or competing.   
Contains all the bandaging and first aid products needed for on the spot treatment, plus an excellent information sheet on how to treat different types of wounds and a Robinsons Practical Bandaging booklet - everything the horse owner needs to treat an emergency wound.  
Packaged in a flat foil pouch for ease of storage. Quick and easy to grab in an emergency!
2 x Co-hesive Wrap
2 x 10cm Orthoban Padding Bandage
2 x Steri-Pads
1 x Cool Gel Pad 10cm x 20cm
1 x Bandage Scissors
1 x Reynards Antibacterial Gel 60ml
3 x 30ml Saline
1 x Irrigation Bulb Syringe
Information sheet on wounds Robinsons Practical Bandaging booklet

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