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By: Creating What Matters  06-Dec-2011

Organisations Designed to Succeed

Approaching any situation from a problem solving perspective may resolve that particular issue, but may not result in the organisation actually getting the result it wants.
“The result benefited each individual and consequently the organization. We were all surprised and delighted by this. In three hours and with 30 people we accomplished an extraordinary result – aligning our personal values with our professional behaviours, our mission and our vision for the future.”
Joanne Kelly Artistic Director PASNZ

The most effective place to start is with a question.

What result do you want?

To answer the question, “What do we want?” you need to visualise something that does not yet exist. To envision an outcome that doesn’t exist and that is not a product of solving a problem uses a different form of intelligence than problem-solving. It uses your ability to imagine and then realise what you imagined. In this way you design your organisation to succeed.

Projects big or small start in the same way. You begin with envisioning the desired end result or effect that is wanted. This is done as fully as possible using qualitative as well as quantitative descriptors. Next step is to accurately describe the current reality.

Great clarity is achieved from looking at a project in this way. The clarity enables action steps and plans to be developed. And the orientation towards the desired end result ensures that each action is moving the project or organisation in that direction.

Called ‘structural tension charting’ this process simplifies even the most complex vision, and the relationships between all the parts.

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