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By: Creating What Matters  06-Dec-2011
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“Hi there, this is Bridget, Founder and Director of Creating What Matters and an 80-20 marketing strategist. I invite you to take away $716.83 worth of client-attracting information for the price of postage … why would I do that? My stand is for environmentally sustainable, joyful, fulfilling and socially just businesses.
My work is to support business owners on their sustainable journey.
One of the ways of ensuring my work is sustainable is to not reinvent the wheel. So I search hard for other business leaders who offer products and services I can hook up with that align with my purpose. The 80-20 Center is one of those. So when you enter your information here you will go to an 80-20 Center webpage. My 80-20 Center association is about YOU getting a lot more clients, making more money and having more fun. And it’s not as hard as you might think.”

The key is working smarter not harder or longer hours. It’s about positioning, approach, and strategy, NOT primarily about effort – and that is what you are going to read about in the next couple of minutes.

First, you might have some questions about who is behind the 80-20 Center. Tom Poland is a marketing strategist who’s spent decades showing business owners just like YOU, how to attract more clients into their businesses almost every week of the year. In many cases they have added 6 and 7 figures to their earnings and many have also gone on to literally add millions of dollars to the value of their businesses …some of those testimonials are on this web site as proof.

And now I’d like to show you how to do the same … but I fully appreciate that you may be skeptical … after all, there are others who have made similar claims in the past who turned out to be charlatans.

That’s why this offer allows you to experience my strategies for a small shipping charge which doesn’t even cover half of my costs in getting these great products to you, let alone the cost of production.

Then, if I earn your trust, you may (or may not) choose to keep working with me. But you will be the sole judge of whether or not you want to do that.

Tom Poland at the 80-20 Center has put together a collection of practical, powerful, business-building, money-making, time-freeing strategies that’ll equip you to grow your earnings easily, significantly, and swiftly. They are worth a MINIMUM of $716.83 and you get them free, and if after receiving them you see value in getting more ideas every month you can remain on the database for Aus$67.00.

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Keywords: Take Away

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