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By: Creating What Matters  06-Dec-2011
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Increase your Brand Value - Build Trust in Your Brand → Creating What Matters → Business Coaching | Personal Coaching | Mentoring

Workshops and Seminars

Three primary philosophies lie behind all workshops and seminars, and all the work done with clients by Creating What Matters.


Firstly, we are creative, imaginative and self-actualising beings. This means we can create what we can imagine.
In the words of the wonderful Walt Disney “Its kind of fun to do the impossible”.


Secondly guiding principles rather than rigid rules allow for flexibility and adaptability – making a project, business or organisation more able to succeed in a fast changing world.


Thirdly the past is simply the wake we leave behind, what drives any project, organisation or individual life is the energy it generates in the present.

Each workshop can be offered individually, to a large organisation or a group – or adapted to meet your specific needs and intentions.

Accelerate Your Plan

The business plan that gets the whole team inspired

Are your staff energised and inspired to work with you on what is really important this year?

Can you answer YES to these three questions?

  1. Are you ready for what could be the best year you’ve experienced in business?
  2. Have you set your goals and communicated them to your staff?
  3. Does everyone know what they need to work on, to improve on or develop capabilities in?

If not I invite you to consider a 4 hour session to:

  • Clarify your purpose, and what its most important to be focussing on this year
  • Set some meaningful goals in each of these areas
  • Know how to engage your team in meaningful ways with the business goals
  • Establish some targets and celebrations to enjoy the successes

This workshop is best done at the beginning of a year – the financial or calendar year.

Build Your Team To Be Exceptional

Does Every Member of Your Team Give Exceptional Performance?

Explore this question from the perspective of “What can I do to get the best from my team?”

You will…

  1. Understand why staff behave the way they do
  2. Know how to get to the truth about great and poor performance
  3. Understand what you can do to change behaviour permanently
  4. Take away a precise framework for replacing blame and poor performance with learning and exceptional performance AND how to transfer great performance skills to the whole team
  5. Achieve the improvement in profit that results when you get all your staff are engaged and working at their best

Build Leaders

“Bridget is a great coach, and a fantastic person. She hasn’t been concerned with figures; instead we work on our people and our systems/standards. These are the areas we most needed help with.”
James Buchanan Bu-Mac Engineering April 2006

Do you currently have the Best people for your business?

Hiring decisions are the most important and can be the most costly in any business.

But how do we choose the best people? How do we know who is going to work out?

Do you have a clear process for selecting the right kind of employee for the specific role(s) in your business?

Learn tools and processes you can use immediately.

Harness the Energy of Your Team

Years of working with business owners and managing teams of people myself, has taught me that to have more fun at work we must ensure that our staff energised, enthusiastic and delivering.

One of the urban myths about business is that we have to make sure our staff are happy. And there’s some truth in that. We need to be empathetic with our staff and ensure that we understand them and make allowances for where they are at personally.

But it is also a myth that people go to work for the money. That is also only partly true. If that was the most important thing then all we would need to do is pay our people well and they would do their best work. Experience tells me that doesn’t happen.

What we are beginning to understand is that people go to work for much more than money. They go to work to learn and grow, to be part of a team or community, to do something that they find fulfilling and to be with people they know and trust. We all actually go to work to fulfil our own personal goals and values whether we are the business owner or an employee.

At this workshop you will learn:

  • How to understand your people
  • How to give them what they need to give you their best effort every day

That would make work more fun wouldn’t it?

If you work with people, whether they are your employees or direct reports and would like some tools, processes and systems to get them delivering a great result so that managing them becomes a pleasure and you have more fun at work then this 4 hour workshop is for you.

Simplifying Strategy

“Very good to have a set of straight forward questions that lead to a plan – makes it seem simple”
Rona Osborne Native Agent

“Bridget’s passion for the material brings it alive”
Allan Postance, Postance Electrical

The purpose of business strategy is to help create sustained success in their industry by:

  • Providing the board of directors or business leaders the information they need to repeatedly and consistently set a clear, competitively unique and defensible direction and destination for the organization
  • Providing management and staff the information they need to efficiently and effectively achieve that goal.

Do the choices you have to make about direction, new markets, new products, or services get confusing? Have you experienced moving in one direction and then been influenced by another trend and headed off in another? What effect has this had on your satisfaction, your profits and your time?

In 11 steps you will get clarity on the best strategy for you, for growth, for consolidation, for expansion into new markets or wherever you want to take your business.

Focus on What Matters

What do your customers really want from you? There are about a 5 or 6 crucial moments of truth in any business. In those moments you either deliver on their expectations or you don’t. If you don’t, those customers are likely to go to another supplier and if you have stuffed up badly – they’ll probably tell a lot of people.

This workshop will uncover those moments for you.

Save up to an estimated 45% of your marketing costs and still grow your business.
Find out

  • Exactly what you do that makes your customers come back, tell their friends about you and do your marketing for you?
  • The Moments of Truth that make or break the relationship you have with your customers.

Plus significantly reduce your marketing costs and improve the satisfaction of your staff.

Do you know what the most important Moments of Truth are in your business?

Bespoke Workshops

I love that word – bespoke! What do I mean by bespoke workshops?

What is needed to create any change or achieve different results is first of all awareness. Awareness of what the specific situation the business finds itself in.

What is the current situation and how is it different from how you would like it to be?

Often I come across people trying to make someone else’s solution work for them. But every business is unique. You know your business is different to others – it is an expression of you, your vision, your values and purpose.

Using the strategic business analysis tool we quickly get to the heart of your business situation.
With that information I can design a workshop for you that addresses the situation.

My guarantee is that if after any workshop we designed together you do not think you got what we agreed then you get your money back. No questions asked.

Create the Business You Want

“Taking an hour a week to sit down with Bridget and just focus on the business and its growth and development is very valuable. So often the small stuff drags you down and taking this time to see and build a vision for our future is fantastic.”
Allan and Susan Pumfleet April 28 2005

Every business needs a vision. Something to aspire to. Without vision, there can be no clear strategy and no sense of achievement or arrival.

The parts of a vision are: Desired end Result, Purpose, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives.

  • Organisational Drive comes from people within the organisation understanding the purpose, and the mission and aligning their personal values with these two.
  • Organisational Effectiveness comes from ensuring the capabilities and resources needed are available and aligning behaviours (actions and reactions) of the people in the organisation
  • The biggest impact on the organisation is achieved by clarity of purpose (our reason for existing and for whom we exist) and mission (what we do for our clients = framework for the brand).

Do you have a powerful vision for your business? A vision that everyone in the organisation understands and finds exciting? A vision that helps you answer the questions about strategy, marketing, staff, customers, products?

Create an empowering business vision that acts like a magnet drawing you towards it. Not only you, it will work for your team as well. Everyone will be more fulfilled at work.

This work may require several days and may involve some follow up work and mentoring as the vision takes shape.

Putting Values to work in Your Business

“It (The seminar) was very enlightening and made me look at a lot of things from a different perspective”
employee Sylvie Weibel Lion Security

Have you noticed or read about the number of people demanding that their work be more meaningful, that they get more of what they want -its called the millenial generation.

This is sometimes seen as a big challenge for business – Staff wanting things to be their way. These younger workers are more skilled and knowledgeable than any generation before them. They want more out of life too. So the question is; how do we work with them?

In this workshop you will learn

  • How to make work meaningful for your staff,
  • How to have them getting what they want whilst still giving you their best
  • How to have them aligning with the true values of the business and committing to your business goals
  • How to send your core message to your customers

How your employees behave, what they say, exactly what they do (or do not do) and how they do it are key indicators customers use to make up their minds whether to buy from you. So isn’t it worth ensuring that the behaviours are aligned with our strategy and our intentions for the business?

New for October 2009

The Difference Trust Makes – Seminar

At its most fundamental level business success is based on the trust of your customers, your stakeholders, your employees. Trust that you will do the right thing and take care of their interests. Increasingly customers are seeing that their long-term interests are closely aligned with what we understand as sustainability.
At this seminar you will understand the part that Trust plays in building a sustainable business.
Some of the advantages of building trust are:

  • enhance innovation
  • improve collaboration
  • increase profits and cut costs
  • speed up execution
  • heighten loyalty
  • become more referable
  • increase credibility and influence
  • reduce talent drain
  • double engagement of staff
  • reduce redundancy and bureaucracy
  • cut fraud
  • eliminate politics

“The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders–customers, business partners, investors, and co-workers is the key leadership competency in this new global economy.”
Stephen M. R. Covey

Building Trust – THE Economic Driver in your Business – Training

“Helped clarify what I had in mind just didn’t understand that trust was such a large part of our recent increase in turn over etc”
James Bu Mac Engineering 2008

“Speed to market’ is the new ultimate competitive weapon in the new transparent, interdependent, global reality. Trust is the glue that produces ‘SPEED’. People do business with people they know, like and trust!

Stephen M. R. Covey says “Trust is a hard edged economic driver and always affects speed and cost in a business. And in times of economic slow down leaders must become more deliberate and explicit in how they build trust.”

Strategy + Execution X Trust

The question is; how do I work with my staff, customers and suppliers to build trust?

In this seminar we will explore how Trust has an invisible impact on our businesses. You will learn how this invisible impact can be negative or positive …building profitability or decaying profitability.
Without Trust business growth will be slower and cost more. When trust goes up speed goes up and costs come down. Truly this is the business imperative for thriving.

At this training you will learn clear processes and steps you can take to establish, build or rebuild Trust in your business.

Understand the 4 cores and 13 behaviours that will build trust in your business, with your staff, your customers, suppliers, peers and even with your colleagues and family.

The Presenter:
Just returned from training with Stephen M.R. Covey Bridget Marsh is the only person in Australasia to be accredited to offer this workshop created by Covey.

New for 2010

Meeting the New Criteria for Business Success

What opportunities exist right now for your business?

What is required to succeed in business just got a whole lot clearer due to customers getting clearer on what is important to them. Customers across all sectors are making decisions based on some new criteria.

Business owners and leaders must understand what this means for them and what they need to do to meet these new opportunities and make the most of them.

This is a custom workshop offered to individual businesses where you will build awareness of:

  • The new criteria customers are using to make decisions
  • The implications of this for your business

And with this awareness you will be able to identify opportunities and choices for your business strategy to take advantage of the situation. At the same time building long-term survival.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Decide what you will do
  • Know what next steps you need to take

This workshop provides the opportunity to think through some of the questions about sustainability. Questions not just about how to create a great business, but how to take care of the planet at the same time.

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