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By: Creating What Matters  06-Dec-2011

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.” – Federico Fellini

  • Do you fully express who you are?
  • What beliefs do you hold about life?
  • Are these beliefs helpful?
  • Do know what you really want and believe you can succeed in what you want to do?

Are you looking for some guidance and support to achieve your goals?

“It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing you bring everything to the realm of possibility.” – Albert Einstein

Here is what some of Bridget’s past clients have said….

“The coaching process has done for my head what tidying up does for my home.  Made sense and order.and created space for things to happen.  This is an empowering feeling that makes it seem easy and logical to move forward and grow.  And it is more than the coaching process, it is the coach herself with her encouragement and belief throughout,  Anything truly seems possible, if not probable.”  
Jackie Wilson, Solutions Financial Services

“Bridget is fabulous – Use her – she clarifies my thoughts and leads me to action through which I have achieved results. I am in a completely different place today through Bridget’s coaching”
JG of Livingstone Productions 2005

How I know you can change is I have changed my life.

When I first began serious personal development work and started to be coached, to attend workshops, write a journal, meditate and reflect, I expected to see changes, to notice differences in the world around me. What I experienced was quite the opposite in many ways. What I learnt and continue learning every day is the experiences don’t change, life continues to throw challenges my way on a regular basis. It is only what I do with the challenges and experiences that is changing. It is being clear on my goals and choosing the way I respond that makes the experience valuable and useful. It is in choosing responses and actions that move me towards my true goals and objectives that make the difference.

I have learnt that the choices I make come from my values and beliefs. Sometimes these choices move me toward my goals and sometimes away from them. But I can see that at each step of the way I made a choice. And now it seems that the world is a different place – kinder, more forgiving and more giving. I get more of what I want – everyday.

Maybe you are feeling it is time right now to make some changes, learn about setting goals, your values and beliefs and how to understand and work with them.

If you are finding life a challenge, you are not achieving goals you are setting for yourself, your life seems to lack passion and fulfillment you may find spending a little time each week with me learnings some new skills, some new processes and tools to put in your ‘how to have a great week every week’ toolkit.

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