Laser Cut Acrylic / Perspex

By: Laser Engraving  06-Dec-2011


Laser cut acrylic has a smooth near flame polished edge, making it a better choice for sign makers than traditional route cut lettering, which requires post-cut smoothing and polishing. Reverse cut acrylic sheets are a quick, inexpensive way to make long lasting stencils and templates, often used with packaging and on construction sites. Other choices for cut acrylic have included fashion labels, vehicle modifications, and decorations and ornaments.

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Laser Cutting

Laser Engraving specializes in cutting organic materials such as wood and acrylic. We can also cut a variety of textiles, cloth and composite plastics.


Laser Engraving

We can engrave or etch either plain text or complex vector graphics into a variety of materials, including but not limited to: wood, acrylic, plastic composites and glass.


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Wine glasses are a great gift idea to create a lasting memory for a couple, be it a wedding or anniversary; or mark a special occasion like a reunion. Handmaiden New Zealand offers a selection of high quality glassware that we've tested for both quality and durability.


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