Mt Tabor Trust providing living with support for people with Intellectual Disability

By: Mt Tabor Trust  05-Apr-2012

The services offered by Mt. Tabor can be requested by families, the individuals themselves, whanau, health professionals or other community groups. Mt. Tabor is funded by the Ministry of Health. Anyone wanting to join Mt. Tabor as a core person must have a needs assessment from a NASC (Taikura Trust) before becoming a resident.
A needs assessment will help identify what help we can offer the person to live as independently as possible in Mt. Tabor. A Needs Assessor will meet with you, your family/whanau or anyone else you may wish to have present (for example, a support person). Together, you will identify the areas in which you need assistance. This meeting will take place somewhere that is comfortable for you - usually your own home.

For the Mt. Tabor community, each of our houses is a home. People living in our homes take as much responsibility as possible for what happens there. This is reflected in every day activities, such as who answers the telephone, who has keys to the home, and who makes the decisions about the menu and shopping for the week.

Communication is a tool that can empower individuals or de-humanise them. Deaf people in New Zealand have their own culture and language and do not consider themselves disabled. If however, they have an intellectual impairment, communication is limited or considered non-existent, but is it?

Mt Tabor has set up a functional Deaf plus resource Centre which will be open to other Deaf plus service users to address the visual communication needs of those whom are Deaf and have other disabilties.

The Resource Centre will be set up as a unique / creative environment where those who have had little access to education can come and develop skills. We focus largely on life skills education, social skills, cooking skills, transport, communication skills, sexuality education, transport, technology etc.

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