Depression counselling

By: Change it psychology  30-Jul-2009
Keywords: Counselling, Depression, Depression Counselling

Most people have probably felt low at some point in their lives and may have called this “being depressed.” However, mood fluctuations are a normal part of being human and can help inform us that something is not quite right. It is called depression when you’ve had a number of the following symptoms for over 2 weeks, and they are interfering with your daily functioning in some way.

Mood symptoms e.g., feeling depressed, feeling guilty, feeling hopeless
Body Symptoms e.g., sleep changes, appetite changes, low energy,weight loss or gain, being slowed down or sped up, fatigue,
Thinking Symptoms e.g., Thinking you are worthless, thinking it’s all your fault, suicidal thinking, difficulty making decisions, impaired concentration
Behaviour symptoms e.g., withdrawal from others). 

People who are depressed have used words like a fog or black cloud has descended upon them.   The good news is that there is very good evidence that depression is treatable with psychological therapies especially cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Keywords: Counselling, Depression, Depression Counselling, Depression Therapy

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