PSYCH-K® for Pregnancy and Childbirth

By: Bliss Weight Loss  16-Nov-2009
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PSYCH-K® stands for Psychological Kinesiology. In brief, it is a very simple, powerful, non-invasive way to rewrite the beliefs in your subconscious mind.  PSYCH-K® can be very effective for women who are pregnant and are experiencing fears about giving birth.

For a woman, learning that she is pregnant can be one of the most magical and exciting times of her life, and it can also be the most daunting and frightening. Women can become faced with the probability of their lives changing dramatically and there is often a lot of fear and anxiety that can arise.

Unfortunately, we seem to automatically become members of the ‘birth story club’, where women from all around take it upon themselves to openly share and compare their intimate pregnancy and birthing experiences. This would be fine if most of those stories were about enjoyable and easy pregnancies and births, with emphasis on the magical moment when they see their beautiful new baby for the first time. However, sadly this is not the case and most of the stories we hear are of long drawn out, excruciatingly painful labors and agonising births. Hearing these horror stories can lead us to believe that giving birth must be painful and we end up believing that birth is just something that we have to get through. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that expectant mothers often become very anxious and fearful about the upcoming birth of their baby.

Fear can be very detrimental to the natural progression of birth, as it activates the nervous system to produce adrenaline, which blocks the natural hormone, oxytocin. The body’s flight or fight response can be triggered, hindering labor, as blood pressure, breathing and heart rate can increase, and oxygen rich blood can flow away from the uterus to the arms, legs and lungs, causing pain. This may lead to longer labor, failure to progress, and more medical intervention than would otherwise be required. Fear also increases muscle tension throughout the body making the muscles of the uterus tighten, which makes uterine surges less effective, leading to severe pain for Mum.

Because our subconscious beliefs are often negative and fearful around childbirth, women commonly experience difficult labors. If your mind expects something to happen, then it will. Therefore if you expect pain, anxiety and fear, then you will likely have it. However if you have positive beliefs about labor and expect calm and relaxation, then this is what you will likely experience. When you are relaxed and calm you can begin to trust your body. Your blood pressure and breathing remain steady and healthy, you conserve your energy more effectively. Your muscles relax, releasing any resistance or tension, which makes your surges more effective and means that there is less resistance in birthing your baby. When labor continues without the interference of drugs, and your body and hormones are in balance, labor progresses the way nature intended, meaning that the body secretes an abundance of natural hormones. Endorphins, which are produced from the pituitary gland in the brain, are many times more potent than morphine, and are extremely effective in suppressing pain during childbirth. This helps the mother to experience a tranquil and peaceful state, allowing childbirth to be empowering, rewarding and positive.

A woman's body is made to give birth, it is a normal physiological process. Our mental attitudes, beliefs, and emotions can powerfully affect our ability to give birth naturally and comfortably. PSYCH-K® is a safe and efficient process that works by replacing negative beliefs with positive and enhancing beliefs. This can help to dissolve any fears, anxieties and tension during pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Claire is passionate about helping pregnant women with PSYCH-K to move beyond any fears or anxieties, so that they too may experience the gift of a safe and relaxed pregnancy, childbirth, and transition into Motherhood with confidence, positivity and ease.

Keywords: Personal Coach, Personal Development

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