Small businesses can easily get into a bit of strife with their telecommunications

Small businesses can easily get into a bit of strife with their telecommunications from Compass Communications

By: Compass Communications  10-Apr-2014
Keywords: Telecommunications, Small Business, Phone System

It's easy for small businesses to get into a bit of strife with their telecommunications, especially when they’re growing fast. We recently spoke to a guy who had started his own business and had done a great job of it. His business had grown and he’d taken on more staff. As he did, he added more phone lines then eventually graduated to buying a phone system a couple of years ago. Since then, his business had been steaming ahead but his phone system wasn’t keeping up, so he asked us for help. His situation was very typical; he had his lines, tolls, broadband and phone system all from different providers so that meant 4 suppliers to manage! Needless to say things were in a bit of a mess; too many lines, wrong size data pipe and services left active on his lines after his phone system was installed. He was paying again for things his phone system could do by itself so he really needed some help. Crazy stuff but this is way more common than you would think. So we talked to him about how his business worked and what he needed and the solution we came up with let him get on with running his business, not worrying about whether his comms was going to let him down. And he ended up saving several thousand dollars a year in lines and services he didn't need! And that’s why you should talk to us. Let Compass provide you with a telecommunications solution while you get on with running your business. You'll find us at

Keywords: Phone System, Small Business, Telecommunications

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