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By: Hendersons Fine Foods  05-Apr-2012
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4 MARCH 2010

Hendersons Free Range Middle Bacon 250 g. Our free range Middle bacon is cured and processed the tradional way - salt, sugar, no added water and smoked on Manuka wood.

The 250 g pack is available in all good supermarkets!

Hendersons Fine Foods builds new factory

Hendersons Fine Foods, the specialist for traditional dry cured bacon and ham has moved production from Albany to Glenfield.Hendersons is well known in New Zealand for its naturally cured bacon without chemicals, preservatives, colours and without added water. All products are smoked on Manuka wood which gives Hendersons products the unique, authentic flavour. Bacon – the way it used to be!Harald Georg, Director of Hendersons Fine Foods, explains Hendersons philosophy: “Our bacon and ham products are in the New Zealand market for more than 15 years always produced with the same original recipes.

We cure our bacon with salt and sugar only over a long period and smoke the bacon on low temperatures on Manuka wood. This is the traditional way of curing bacon as our grandparents still know.

Nearly all other manufacturers of bacon in New Zealand produce with Sodium Nitrate, use stabilisers and preservatives and pump the pork with water.

The bacon is produced sometimes within hours whereas our products take up to one week to reach their full flavour.

The result is obvious when the consumer cooks the product – bacon with water and chemicals take longer to cook, release water in the bacon and don’t get crispy.

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